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Hellooooo down under!
The Cleveland Bay Horse Society of North America is inviting the world to participate in its photo contest for Cleveland Bay and Cleveland Bay partbred horses, and we know you have a portion of the world's population in Australia.  

We would really appreciate your help in promoting our contest. Details on why we are running the contest and information for participating can be found at this website:

You have my permission to reprint the "Clevelands Rock" graphic if you wish. The photo, however, is scanned for screen resolution and will not reprint well. The Cleveland Bay is an endangered breed (there are only 53 purebreds in North America), and we therefore have a very small membership in our Society. Thus we find it difficult to raise the funds to advertise and promote this deserving breed. We would be very appreciative of any help you can offer to promote the breed and the photo contest.
Our Secretary, Jane Scott, can be reached at e-mail:  

We would be very pleased to provide you with more information on the breed or contact names of persons should you desire an interview for a story. I thank you for your indulgence in reading this post, and request the courtesy of a response.
Linda Yaciw Northern BC, Canada. 

To the Editor,
I am a second level student studying a degree in Equine Science at Hartpury College England. In order to enter level three I am required to do 26 weeks of work experience. This should include such work as research, veterinary work etc. If you should include such work as research, veterinary work etc. If you have any suitable position or may be able to help in my finding out it would be very welcome. I would hope to carry out this work during the period beginning July 1997 to August 1998.
Also if possible I would like to be able to use this time to work towards my dissertation project which is as yet an undecided subject. John Ray Doocey  

Hello everyone at Equine Oz.
I'm new on the internet so I don't know my P.O.P. number yet. I've fished around and this is my favourite site so far but could you put in some kids stuff please. Also (I know you get this a lot) could you please please do an article on Pat Parelli. P.S. Do you have a pen/internet pal thingy or something like that? Will email you soon with more news.
Shannon Blacklock  

To Equine Oz,
Is there any interest in the Missouri Fox Trotter horse as a breed in Australia? Is this breed available in your country? If so who and for what purpose?  

To Equine Oz,
I'm not sure if you can help me but here goes. I live in North California and I have a purebred registered arab filly for sale. She is rising 2 years.
She is an outstanding filly, chestnut with white, who has been shown in halter. She has some very famous horses in her bloodlines including but not limited to Khemosabi, Muscat, Musket (National Reining Champion) and Bask. She has excellent confirmation and could excel in anything you had in mind for her, even racing. If you can help pease contact me by email.
Maggie Robbins  

Dear Sirs,
I am contacting you hoping you can help me to find out suppliers of a body protector manufactured (or approved) by BETA.
In case you can give me this information, please send a message to my email so that I may contact the supplier and order one of the referred items.
Sergio Torres da Costa.  

Hi guys,
I am trying to find out who are the distributors of "Professionals Choice" horse boots. I would really appreciate it if you are able to help me in anyway, or provide any leads. Cathy.  

If you have something to say and would like to see it published in Equine Oz simply email to

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