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You are visiting a site revolving around the Australian horse industry. Equine Oz aims to provide pertinent links with other equine sites in addition to our own collection of interesting and informative articles.

Australian visitors to Equine Oz can check out recent, access useful hoof care information, browse through our selection of books for sale, converse via the Austhorse bulletin board with other horse owners, farriers and equine veterinarians, just to name a few.

Visitors from overseas are encouraged to examine the Australian horse industry through Equine Oz. As equestrian trade specialist we have regular contact with equine experts and leaders in the equestrian trade.

If you are wondering about the extent of the Australian horse industry, here is a thumbnail sketch:

Since the introduction of the combustion engine at the turn of the century, the number of horses in Australia has fallen to an approximated 1.5 million. This includes approximately 400 000 ferals or brumbies made famous in Australian poetry such as Banjo Patterson's "Man From Snowy River".

Combining almost every breed found in Australia, the brumbies have been mustered and trained in years gone by, but today environmentalists and property holders cull them from helicopters in an attempt to reduce numbers.

While Australia in known internationally for producing great eventers, we are slowly establishing a presence in the racing industry, particularly as an exporter of thoroughbreds. The live horse export trade is worth $30 million annually, and an estimated 20 000 thoroughbred foals are raised in Australia each year.

Australia has held a long time affinity with the stock horse, and an estimated 100 000 Australian Stock Horses are registered with the Australian Stock Horse Society. Other equestrian disciplines are well represented, with around 30 000 riders registered to compete with the Equestrian Federation of Australia.

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